About Us


United Country Real Estate- Revolution is located in Las Cruces, NM in the Mesilla area. Revolution Realty, LLC was originally founded by Melissa Gorham-Roybal in 2012. In 2017, the company transformed the real estate sales portion of the company into United Country Real Estate-Revolution, LLC. Revolution Realty, LLC remains as a successful property management firm handling the management of investment properties in Las Cruces and throughout Dona Ana County.

United Country Real Estate- Revolution, LLC has Realtors specializing in several areas of real estate. There are specific associates that specialize in residential real estate. Residential real estate includes owner-occupied homes, investment properties, second homes and multi-family properties throughout Dona Ana County. There are associates at United Country Real Estate- Revolution that specialize in agricultural real estate throughout southern New Mexico. These properties include farms, ranches, horse farms, greenhouses and agricultural production facilities. Commercial real estate is also handled by specific associates that are knowledgeable about both owner-occupied commercial properties and commercial investment properties.

In addition to traditional real estate practices, United Country Real Estate- Revolution provides auction services in Texas and New Mexico. A real estate auction can be utilized to accelerate the sales process. Auctions have been long perceived as a last result. This is not the case at all. Farms and other properties in the Midwest have been sold by auction as a standard practice for years. Imagine streamlining the marketing of a property for 45-60 days and then selling it at auction vs. having a property on the market for months if not years. Another option that United Country has optimized is that of a combined method of sale. In a combined method of sale, the property is offered for sale in conventional format for a predetermined period of time and then seamlessly transitions into an auction sale. All too often a property that is desired sits on the market while potential buyers standby waiting for the price to be lowered and time to pass. This is preventable with the real estate auction process.

The owner of United Country Real Estate- Revolution founded the company on the basis of treating real estate sales as a professional consultant rather than a pushy salesperson. The company was established by Melissa Roybal who has a diverse background in civil engineering, construction, land development and business management. Melissa believes that with knowledge, passion, respect and hard work comes great success. United Country Real Estate- Revolution has sister offices in Tularosa, NM providing services throughout Otero County. UC Ranch Properties | Ranch & Recreation provides real estate services in Lincoln County and surrounding ranching and farming communities.